Innovative technologies in search marketing


How to start working with you?
It's easy. Just fill the registration form, and our managers will contact you in 2 business days. Please provide as much information about yourself as possible.

I own a site. I'd like to start working with you. What ad types do you offer?
Depending on the vertical of your site, our managers will find the most effective ad types for you. We provide XML Feeds, Context Blocks, Mobile Solutions, Video Ads, Banners, PopUp/PopUnders, Full Page Ads, InLine Ads, CPA & CPL solutions.

There are some ads from the other networks on my site. Is it possible to place your ads there as well?
Yes of course. We do not impose any restrictions on the use of our ads with the other networks. Moreover, our managers will be happy to advise you on what ads will be most useful in conjunction with the advertising solutions that you have already used on your website.

How can I see my earning with you?
From the very beginning of working with us you are always able to see the statistics of your earnings in your publishers' area. Statistics are updated almost in real-time mode, so you can always see how effective your work is.

When will I get paid?
Payment terms are net 45.

What is your minimum payment?
Minimum payment is $100.

Are there any requirements to my site so I can start working with you?
The only requirement to our publishers is legality of the content of your site and of your methods of work. If your site contains any illegal materials (violation of copyright or laws) we will decline such site from participating in our affiliate program. If the site is seen in unfair or illegal practices, it will be also rejected.