Innovative technologies in search marketing

Ad formats

HTraffic Quality Analitics
Through the years of working we have created our own unique tool for assessing the traffic quality "TClickShield". This is a number of filters and rules for processing the information about the traffic, eventually giving a complete information about its quality. For the analysis we use both simple filters, such as JavaScript filter, Cookie filter, IP filter, Ref filter, and complex structures of filters, based on capcha analysis, user surveys and sales analysis.

XML Feeds
We provide RON and CPC feeds for different types of search traffic. Thanks to XML, you can implement our ads in the most suitable to you format. After receiving our ads via XML, you excrete the structural blocks of ads and use them on your own.

Context Ads
Many our customers see as the best way of working the Contextual Advertising. It can be described as Javascript blocks, placed by you somewhere on your site. In these posotions our advertisers' ads will be shown in image or text format.

Banner Advertising is one of the most classical types of Internet Marketing. We work with the following banners: 728x90, 125x125, 468x60, 234x60, 120x600, 160x600, 180x150, 120x240, 200 x200, 250x250, 300x250, 336x280. You choose html code of the most suitable for you banner, specify the cathegory of your traffic, install banners' html code in your site and start earning.

PopUp/PopUnder Advertising is very popular as an additional form of earnings. All you need to do is install extra code with popup settings in your sites' html code. After that, depending on settings, a popup ad will be shown or at the end of users' work with the site, either at the beginning, or during this.

FullPage Ads
FullPage Ads is a very specific type of advertising. The users see a promomaterial before entering the site. They are informed that in order to continue working with the site, they need just to close that ad. Due to bright header and design, many users are interested in your suggestion, despite such agressive style.

inLine Ads
The most popular for newspaper articles, news, publications, or any other kinds of textual information, inLine Ads will earn more on those sites where you thought you already earn maximum. Our algorithms will mark the most interesting words in your article by their own, highlighting them. When hovering the word, the user will see a pop-up ad block, thematical to this word.

Video Ads
If your site has a video line and there are a lot of videos on it, then it would be a good idea to use Video Advertising there. Usually the best way to use it is to show the users mini-movies before the main video content, or after it.

If you need the users to make an exact action or purchase, then CPA&CPL solutions is the best decision for you. You will pay only for complete actions of users, or for purchased goods and services.

Mobile Ads
Rapidly growing Mobile Advertising opens more and more new markets for all of us . Now, if you want to monetize the mobile traffic visiting your site or downloading your mobile applications - please contact us, we have a first-class solutions for this!